President's Message

Kut Ecza Deposu, which is added to the basic purpose human health, is registered with the Ministry of Health of TRNC and its working as a international independent pharmacy regulated and supervised by the Ministry of Health. Kut Ecza is a strong company that can meet increasing demands in the local market thanks to its product diversity, service quality, strong financial infrastructure and competitive prices, with its business experience of more than 12 years.

Located in central Nicosia, Kut Ecza Deposu offers close to 7,000 prescription medicines, vaccines, OTC products and other health products to small and large volumes of public and private hospitals, public institutions, government agencies and Offers fast service understandings.

Kut Ecza Deposu staff consists of professionals who are constantly developing themselves, respecting universal values, open to innovations, aware of their responsibilities and focused on customer satisfaction, with a great care and a young and dynamic structure.

Mission & Vision & Our Services

We are trustworthy and respected institution throughout the country, which aims to meet the expectations of our customers in pharmacy services and to develop them continuously. We Continues to be an institution in the awareness of the importance of the business that cares about the public health by following all the developments in the constantly renewed pharmacy market instantly.

Continuing to be our preferred company for our customers, employees and partners, widening our presence in the market of pharmaceuticals, herbal medicines, medical supplies and medical products, using our investments wisely, to ensure customer satisfaction without sacrificing the quality and reliability of our products and services.

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In the Private Health Sector, As a service provider we are aware of:

  • Private sector awareness
  • Highly motivated
  • Aiming to increase creativity and to be successful continuously
  • Disciplined, planned and meticulous at work
  • Using authority and taking responsibility
  • Continuously following the developments in the world and hence in the sector
  • Continuous improvement of business and yourself
  • Creating appropriate working conditions and opportunities to develop human resources.